“Eyes are the content of my artistic existence.” The Swiss artist Giulia Wyss focuses her creative work on the human face. In oil and spray paint she creates realistic works which, interspersed with dynamic, playful brush strokes, are given a casually accentuated twist: “Colour, form and movement come into play in order to break the ice in my paintings.” The artist graduated from the School of Design in St. Gallen in 2008 and presents her works and commissioned jobs in a prominent art portfolio (discover more on Giulia Wyss’ website).


“We are not the same, but we are one” – Giulia Wyss’ realistic-artificial art and HUMPHREY´S eyewear are a perfect match. No wonder, for eyes after all are the artist’s core motif and are at the focus of her creative work. Together in their art collaboration they place the design emphasis on playful uniqueness with substance. The result of the creative cooperation between artist and design department is eyewear that pours the pulse of the zeitgeist into sustainable, urban and unmistakeable statements. Art plus fashion plus comfort – mutual inspiration becomes creation!


Artistic signature as design handwriting: just as HUMPHREY´S eyewear glasses are a perfect frame for the eyes of urban individualists, in the same way the artist‘s sweeping lines frame people‘s eyes in her oil paintings. For the eyewear design, she has given her striking, recurring pattern the leading role and designed 4 frames and 2 sunglasses models that are a pure art statement. Bold colours, expressive frames with the eye-catching graphic, but also simpler models which cite the artistic look as a detail – realised in a particular printing method on acetate consisting of 76% renewable resources and contain no chemical plasticisers in combination with stainless steel. This contributes to the reduction of dependency on limited fossil sources and also lowers the CO2 emission. Perfect fit and innovative design: art becomes glasses!


“Through which glasses do we decide to view the world today?” Biotate and metal become canvas for Giulia Wyss’ signature tags. Narrow and implied or bold with full design commitment to the all-over pattern. These frames are wearable art as a fashion statement.


Sun protection comes big in street style form: as a re-interpreted panto for her in a round variant, and a unisex style as an angular, technical square version. The striking double bridge shows a clear edge and is part of the surrounding frame in bicolour. The graphic pattern appears on the temple as a fine, high-resolution print under a transparent biotate layer.

Artist representative for further information and inquiries about artworks:
Petra Becker / International Art Bridge

Giulia Wyss
Instagram: @giuliawyss