Two decades, two generations, two eras of fashion, yet so much in common. The classic summer-of-love hippie look has been influencing street fashion for over half a century, but now wild tassels and vibrant tie-dye are celebrating their comeback on the festival scene. These fashion favourites of the original hippies and 1990s techno kids have been reimagined for 2020 in striking neon colours and faded pastel shades. United by an unbridled desire for liberation, the fashion of both generations have now merged into one movement – techno hippie. This trendsetting fusion is dancing into the new decade with oversized blazers, baggy hoodies, metallic details, tie-dye patterns and animal-inspired prints.

HUMPHREY’S eyewear picks up on key elements of this emerging trend. Oversized shapes set the tone, ranging from panto to octagonal, with this season’s highlights featuring everything from soft pastel shades to eye-catching neon, matte havana to glossy transparent. The new stainless steel models serve up prominent angles and bold edges, while soft tones also feature – shimmering delicately in the light of the zeitgeist. Let the journey begin. From hippie to techno, festivals to the street – the new HUMPHREY’S eyewear street style works whenever, wherever.

Long live the hippie hype! The quintessential love has been influencing festival wear and street fashion since the swinging sixties. The hippie trend is now celebrating a revival in 2020 with a fresh interpretation of this time-honoured movement – flower power meets techno.

These trends of the 1960s and 1990s are inextricably linked by their unbridled desire for liberation and the expression of individualiy. This season’s highlight theme – TECHNO HIPPIE – sees these two eras meld into one movement, combining the best of both trends. Whether angular brow lines, octagons or panto shapes, geometry takes centre stage in our TECHNO HIPPIE collection for this eyewear season. Clear fronts are paired with temples in a tie-dye look – the iconic pattern which was a favourite to both the hippies and 1990s techno kids. Sporting oversized dimensions, the slim HD acetate frames underscore every TECHNO HIPPIE look to stunning effect.

Diverse to the max! Say hello to our shape and colour highlights – designed for unique personalities. Intricate stainless steel fronts are paired with HD acetate on the inside with the aim of creating the ultimate eye gear. Stainless steel temples with laminated acetate tips reference the material mix of the front – for a look that screams unique.

The round and bridgeless models are like a love letter to the TECHNO HIPPIE movement. From panto to rectangular and cat-eye shapes, this concept encompasses an array of thin and flexible stainless steel shapes. Available in both matte and polished metal-colour combinations, these models are firm favourites with every TECHNO HIPPIE devotee. Laminated acetate temple tips and adjustable nose pads ensure a great fit and expertly round out the concept.

What a combination – glossy TR 90 fronts blend with a new take on stainless steel and acetate temples to forge new classic models. Decorative rivets on the front add an additional elegant touch. These fashionable frames come in both strong and subtle tones. A true all-round for every occasion.These models also sport integrated spring hinges for an immensely comfortable fit.

These super-thin stainless steel rims in two striking shapes are undeniable essentials this eyewear season. Both models sport a striking brow line matching the colour of the temple tips, while subtle metal tones dominate the lower sections of the front – only serving to emphasize the eye-catching brow. Distinctive and feminine in equal measure, these models add cool and elegance to every look. Refined, rounded temples with integrated spring hinges in copper and beryllium ensure an incredibly comfortable fit. The acetate temple tips also stand out from the crowd: True to the movement’s tie-dye roots, the tips feature fascinating patterns with light and dark colour nuances – designed to catch the eye.

Frames to turn heads – eyewear that wears its heart on its sleeve. These classic designs pair HD acetate fronts with flexible stainless steel temples in a variety of sizes. The frames feature light and dark colour nuances designed to make them fascinating and eye-catching in equal measure.

Our new HD acetate models are absolute must-haves this season. With shapes spanning panto to rectangular, these essential models sport a fresh stainless steel temple concept with integrated spring hinges. Sleek translucent colours give these styles a distinctive twist of the unconventional, while laminations on the temple tips and hinges leave brand recognition in little doubt.