Welcome to a new level of reality – hyper-reality. A hybrid world straddling life in the real and digital realms. Expect the unexpected in this place of rebellious and authentic style. Glamorous, unseen and idiosyncratic – defying rules and gender roles at every turn. This unconventional dress code combines oversized shapes and bold patterns with striking tie-dye in eye-popping colours. Anti-boring. A style that will stretch to any length, with frills, baggy and fur designs, and graffiti thrown in for good measure. Individual rebellion in the here and now – that is HONEST PUNK. Pairing vivid tones with dark colours, and plaid with knitted. Anything goes as long as it expresses your own inner punk.

HUMPHREY´S eyewear is forging this distinctive style into frames. Every model in the spring/summer collection 2021 screams unbridled attitude and stark design, offering up oversized, fresh shapes for digital rebels. Wide acetate and minimalist stainless steel models come together in a collection spanning original and classical to daring and modern.

High-quality HD acetate designs, fascinating unisex acetate and stainless steel frames as well as full metal models – HONEST PUNK is as wide-ranging as it is resolute, futuristic, streamlined and cool. Cloudy colours, harmonious gradients and cool transparency are paired with metallic base tones, outrageous hues and uniquely coloured laminated hinge joints and temple tips.

Feel it. Show it. Live it. HONEST PUNK is pulsating passion. Nonconformist design with a perfect fit. The new HUMPHREY´S eyewear collection is made to underscore your individuality. Express your style online and offline. For fashion lovers who don’t just have their finger on the pulse – but also drive the heartbeat behind it.

Punk around! With its oversized, sophisticated and fresh shapes, the new collection represents a real “statement of the art” – and reflects an entire generation’s digital rebellion. It’s time to stay edgy – with angular designs in premium metal tones from rosé gold to light gun, underscored with subtle colour highlights on the brow line or temples.

Bold but beautiful! Wide temples are all the rage. The female models use harmonious colour gradients, while the male designs sport a clean-cut look in black and crystal. High-quality acetate provides the perfect fit. The hybrid design with the contrast of acetate and stainless steel is like a double frame, but even more unique. Transparent colours make this polished spacy look all the more idiosyncratic.

A little material goes a long way. The male models serve up bold shapes crafted with minimalist highquality stainless steel. In black, gun and blue, coolness comes with seriously progressive style here. The female companion model is similarly extroverted design-wise. With metallic base colours in the mix together with subtle grey, bright pink or lime on the outside and inside eye wire, these models ooze cool for both genders.

Next-level punk – the integrated OBE FlexUno Spike spring hinge perfectly complements the overall futuristic design. These unique colour combinations are a fashionable upgrade for every man – from antique gun metal/orange to antique horizon/blue. Go for it!

Strength in softness! These models were built to contrast. Next-level modern eye shapes are paired with soft, milky colour tones. The masculine model boasts just as much character but is a little more unbridled in its colour palette – ranging from red to khaki.

The new Basics defy the mainstream with subtle shapes and soft colours. Extremely underground – the streamlined look is forged in HD acetate with distinctive laminated colours on the hinges and temple tips. Unisex, rosé brown, plum. Or just different. It’s time to get your punk.