For a long time, celebrities and supermodels were the ultimate ambassadors of fashion trends. Today, lifestyle and fashion bloggers have a decisive say in these matters. They are the undisputed tastemakers and source of inspiration for the fashion-conscious generation. Their distinctive feature: they are independent and therefore authentic.

Among them is Ebru, who reports on fashion, beauty & lifestyle issues through her blog, NAZJUJU, and allows her followers to share in her passion via Instagram & Co. For HUMPHREY´S eyewear, she co-designed four models in the current collection. Ebru herself wears glasses and knows what it’s all about. For her, eyewear must be stylish, light and tough.

She used to wear just one pair of glasses. Until she discovered how much fun it is to integrate eyewear into styling. She now owns a large selection, which she can easily combine with her different looks. And, of course, this also includes sunglasses. An absolute must-have for Ebru, as they add a very special finishing touch to every outfit. She therefore reinforces the brand philosophy of HUMPHREY´S eyewear and the trend towards owning two or three pairs of glasses.

What really fascinates our blogger when it comes to fashion is that there are no set rules. Everyone can express themselves creatively and reflect their own individual style. Those who follow Ebru on Instagram or Snapchat will soon discover that she loves pink accents on her outfits.

This is also demonstrated in her collaboration with HUMPHREY´S eyewear. She chose rose gold as the base colour for the design of the NAZJUJU models. To create a look which is feminine but still rocking, her sunglasses feature contrasts with transparent acetate and mirrored lenses. Ebru has a top favourite frame: the ultra thin aviator in the Slimline collection. “It has something chic about it, almost glamorous and yet it’s the perfect interpretation of street style fashion.” She has the ultimate influencer look in rose gold.

When working on the collection, it is important to Ebru that her models are suitable for everyday, but still special and are liked by many people. “I knew from the very beginning that I would love this collaboration. Then everything ran just as harmoniously as well. And I’m really grateful for this.”

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extremely stylish & completely rocking
Wearing sunglasses is about making
a statement and completing the look.
So much more than protecting
eyes from the sun.
slimline rose gold aviator frame