New York and HUMPHREY´S eyewear have always had lots in common. Now they’re combining to create a new highlight. Its name: High Line.

An abandoned overhead railway line runs through the trendy neighbourhood of this city with its millions of inhabitants. Freight trains used to deliver goods on this line directly into the top floors of factories and warehouses. When lorries replaced the trains, the line fell into decline and faced the threat of demolition.
Local residents and prominent figures got together to campaign against this and raised millions so that the unique structure could be transformed into the High Line Park. An extremely unique green space was therefore created 9 metres above the ground. With a length of 2.5 kilometres, this is a truly impressive achievement in terms of the way it connects nature and industry, modern architecture and relics from a bygone era. There is a green oasis on top and turbulent street life below - with trendy shops, galleries, bars and restaurants.

The High Line Park provided the inspiration behind the HUMPHREY´S eyewear collection of the same name. Designer Andreas Diehl explains: “During the renovation of the old railway line, some hidden structures of the old, riveted steel girders were made visible and architecturally combined with contemporary elements such as granite slabs and glass. Creating a very exciting contrast. I wanted to translate this principle into the frames – using lugs and bridge structures which were also riveted and which remain visible through the use of transparent acetates.” The collection therefore features one of the hottest eyewear trends of the season: clear transparency.

The High Line concept: a success story
Details with maximum recognition value.
The High Line concept: a success story
Details with maximum recognition value.
Through its style and material mix, the collection deliberately creates strong contrasts: acetates in bold dimensions are combined with stainless steel frame components which have been classically screwed and riveted together. Transparent colour tones ranging from blue-grey to khaki and right through to light havanna are combined with stylishly colourful temple ends in orange, blue and lime. The shapes are distinctive. From bold and rectangular to panto classic – each frame has the ultimate style factor.
Bold square frame:
a reference to the New York hip hop culture
Street Philosophy: „It´s not about how the others see me. It‘s about how I want to see myself.“